About us….Hmm.

Just a Girl Photography (Josh and Kylee Cuevas) is all about finding the abnormal bride and groom and giving them the same experience the traditional couples have with their unique spin. We aren’t the most traditional people on the planet and we tend to attract clients who fit that category. We are a Husband and Wife Team (that also recently went through the wedding scene ourselves), that wants to know more about you and capture your big day in the most unique way possible.

About Kylee:


Started the business when she was at an all time low in her life before finding Josh. A time in her life where she was “Just a Girl”. A time where no one seemed to notice her or anything about her, that was until Josh walked into her life, by the form of a swipe and a message on Bumble. ๐Ÿ™‚ Having been in the arts most of her life, she wants to tell the story of the day by the images she takes. Often the person who will stalk you with a camera, but never the one in front of them, this Florida Born and Raised Tomboy will take the time to create the perfect moments throughout your day, without you even knowing she did it. If you read our blog, she’s also the voice behind the blog, the voice behind the rant, and the voice behind the truth telling moments that every bride should know. Wanna bring an animal to your engagement shoot? She’ll be the one feeding your animal treats the whole time. ๐Ÿ™‚

About Josh:


Born in Puerto Rico, Josh moved to Florida at the age of 12. Having lived in two nature heavy Destination locations, he grew up with a particular love for nature and the outdoors. Fast forward to 10+ years later, and he is now a Florida Free Diver always looking for the next adventure. Aiding Kylee with the Photography business, he brings the grooms perspective behind the camera. Having grown up working in product photography with his dad, he also brings a unique eye to capturing your weddings perfectly planned details. He will talk cars and beer with your groom, and make sure that the groom has a presence in the big day. Even if that means taking away the beer, and forcing on the vest. ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s the perfect addition to Just a Girl, and Kylee’s heart, he’s also the perfect distraction for your groom while you talk details with his wife. ๐Ÿ™‚

About Just a Girl (Josh and Kylee):


We met on Bumble, well I mean, I guess technically we met at an Irish Pub in Disney Springs. It was love at first sight for us, we started dating in August, were engaged by December, and married by March of the following year. During our first year of marriage we adopted two kitties and two bunnies (Elvira, Narcissa, Dusty, and Wednesday (Winny for short)) that pretty much take up all of our attention at home…or at least they try to. On a weekend where we aren’t photographing weddings together, we’re usually found at one of Florida’s amazing natural springs (so Josh can fuel his Free Diving addiction), or at home kicking back with a movie, pizza, and the beer of week. We formed this business as something we could work on together, but also so we could help make the couples who are like us, a little abnormal, feel as amazing as we did on our wedding day.

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